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'A Shopping Experience
Like No Other'

At our core, we're all about bringing attention to the amazing food of the Afro Caribbean Diaspora, while also promoting healthier lifestyle choices and encouraging sustainable practices. We believe that food is about so much more than just fuelling our bodies. It's an opportunity to connect with people, share stories, and make memories.


We even got featured in Time Out Magazine! How cool is that? It's really helped spread the word about our mission to promote healthy eating and sustainable living, with a focus on Afro-Caribbean cuisine and culture.

Hello! We're a family-run business started by siblings Kiera & Lewis, and a few other family members. We launched our business in 2020 - right in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, can you believe it? But despite all the craziness going on, we've been blown away by the support we've received from awesome movements like Black Pound Day, and impactful companies like Google and Facebook. 

We're committed to raising awareness of the rich cultural heritage of the Afro Caribbean Diaspora, and showing people that there are healthier and more sustainable ways to eat and live. We truly appreciate every single one of you for joining us on this journey - we're incredibly grateful for your support!

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